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College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Therapist Assistant

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Program Options

Credential Title Credit Hours Required Notes
Associate of Applied Science Physical Therapist Assistant 63.5 -


Contact Information

Contact Title Name Phone E-mail Location
Professor Carol Plisner 586.286.2031 Center Campus

Program Description:

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: View Selective Admission for detailed information.

The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) curriculum is designed to prepare students to assume positions as skilled technical health workers. A balanced curriculum in general education and specialized courses enables students to develop technical competency necessary to enter this rewarding health career. Correlation of the clinical experience is an integral part of the academic program.

Physical Therapist Assistants work within a physical therapy service under the supervision of professional physical therapists. PTAs assists the physical therapist in performing selected procedures related to the physical management of illness, injury, and wellness throughout the lifespan.

Program Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

1. Review a physical therapy plan of care recognizing changes in patient status, indications and contraindications related to suggested treatments and those interventions that are beyond the work scope of the PTA

2. Implement a physical therapy treatment plan developed by an appropriately credentialed physical therapist demonstrating safe, competent care directed toward patient outcomes

3. Perform duties under the supervision of a physical therapist in a legal, safe, ethically appropriate and efficient manner

4. Perform data collection techniques appropriate to the physical therapist assistant scope of practice and when necessary to monitor and adjust interventions

5. Communicate with a supervising physical therapist regarding a patient’s response to treatment, progress toward goals and the need for adjustment in treatment or when the complexity of the patient is beyond the skill or knowledge level of the PTA

6. Interact with patients, families, colleagues and the public using written, oral, teaching and non-verbal skills that reflect respect for economic, ethnic, lifespan and gender differences

7. Document patient treatment in a timely manner consistent with legal, regulatory and ethical standards

8. Demonstrate awareness of the systems of administration and management of the Physical Therapy service including fiscal, regulatory, technology and resource issues

9. Demonstrate professional behaviors and actions consistent with the APTA Standards of Ethical Conduct for the PTA and the Guide for Conduct of the PTA including altruism, compassion, cultural competence, duty, integrity and social responsibility

10. Identify individual learning needs through self-assessment and implement plans for lifelong learning and career development

11. Graduates will successfully complete the National Physical Therapist Assistant Examination and secure entry level PTA employment within 6 months of graduation

12. Ninety percent of graduates will pass the FSBPT Physical Therapist Assistant Licensure Exam.

13. Students will demonstrate progression and persistence through the PTA program as at least eighty percent of the students enrolled will graduate.

14. Eight percent of employers will rate student preparation for entry-level PTA employment as at least a 3.0/5.0 on the employer survey.

15. Eighty percent of students will rate their preparation for entry-level PTA employment as at least 3.0/5.0 on the program exit survey.

16. Of the graduates seeking employment, ninety percent will obtain entry-level PTA employment within one year of graduation.

Requirements & Specific Information:

Additional expenses to be met by the student before entering the first clinical placement are: (1) a health history and physical examination including testing for tuberculosis, and (2) hospitalization insurance as neither the hospital nor the College insures the student against accidents or illnesses.

Students must achieve grade “C” or better, or grade “Pass” (if the course is a Pass/Fail course) for all the Core and General Education courses in this program.


The Associate of Applied Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education located at 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314‑1488. The phone number is: 800.999.2782.

Career Opportunities:

Physical Therapist Assistant-Associate of Applied Science: Job titles such as Physical Therapist Assistant are attainable upon completion of this course of study. To learn more from a career specialist, visit the Office of Career Services at either campus or explore online at

Transfer Pathways:

Students intending to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree need to make early decisions concerning an academic major and a transfer destination. Statistics show that students who make these decisions early are more likely to persist to graduation than their undecided counterparts. Students planning to transfer credits earned at Macomb are strongly urged to see a counselor or academic advisor as early as possible in their college careers.


    Associate of Applied Science

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