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College Catalog 2023-2024 
College Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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LAWE 2690 - Criminal Law

Credit Hours: 4.00

Prerequisites: None

Elements of substantive criminal law relevant to attaining the preservation and protection of life and property. The structure, definitions, and most applicable pertinent sections of the criminal statutes.

Billable Contact Hours: 4

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Outcome 1: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of substantive criminal law relevant to attaining the preservation and protection of life and property.

Objectives: The student will:

  1. Brief and discuss the leading cases in the respective substantive criminal law area.
  2. Study and discuss the Michigan statutes regarding specific areas of substantive law.
  3. Study and review the sentencing differences for levels of the same crime.

  • Communication: The graduate can communicate effectively for the intended purpose and audience.
  • Critical Thinking: The graduate can make informed decisions after analyzing information or evidence related to the issue.
  • Global Literacy: The graduate can analyze human behavior or experiences through cultural, social, political, or economic perspectives.
  • Information Literacy: The graduate can responsibly use information gathered from a variety of formats in order to complete a task.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: The graduate can apply quantitative methods or evidence to solve problems or make judgments.
  • Scientific Literacy: The graduate can produce or interpret scientific information presented in a variety of formats.
CDO marked YES apply to this course:
Communication: YES
Critical Thinking: YES
Global Literacy: YES
Information Literacy: YES
Quantitative Reasoning: YES

  1. General Materials
    1. The Courts
    2. Parties to a Crime
    3. Elements Making Up Crimes
    4. Burden of Proof
    5. Corpus Delicti
    6. States of Mind
  2. The Crime of Murder
    1. Murder in the First Degree
    2. Murder in the Second Degree
    3. Jurisdiction
  3. Manslaughter
    1. Voluntary Manslaughter
    2. Involuntary Manslaughter
  4. Negligent Homicide
    1. The Common Law
    2. Under Michigan Statute
  5. Assaults
    1. Simple Assault
    2. Assault and Battery
    3. Aggravated Assault
    4. Domestic Assault
    5. Felonious Assault
    6. Assault With Intent to Commit Great Bodily Harm Less than Murder
    7. Assault With Intent to Commit Murder
    8. Assault Crimes With Specific Intent
  6. Sex Offenses
    1. Crimes Under the Criminal Sexual Conduct Act
    2. The Crime of Gross Indecency
    3. Sodomy
    4. Indecent Exposure
  7. Robbery Offenses
    1. Armed Robbery
    2. Unarmed Robbery
    3. The Assault Robbery Crimes
  8. Burglary and Home Invasion
    1. Common Law Burglary
    2. Burglary By Statute in Michigan
    3. The Crime of Home Invasion
  9. Theft Crimes
    1. Larceny
    2. Larceny By Trick
    3. Larceny By Conversion
    4. Larceny By False Pretenses
    5. Embezzlement
    6. Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property
    7. Unlawfully Driving Away An Automobile
    8. Retail Fraud
  10. Weapons Offenses Under Michigan Law
    1. Carrying a Concealed Weapon
    2. Possession of certain Illegal Weapons
    3. Possession of a Weapon With Unlawful Intent
    4. Felony Firearm
  11. Arson
    1. Arson in General
    2. Arson of Real Property
    3. Arson of Personal Property
    4. Preparation to Burn
  12. Police Related Crimes
    1. The Crime of Resisting and Obstruction a Police Officer
    2. Fleeing and Eluding
    3. Assaulting a Police Officer
  13. Narcotics Offenses
    1. Distribution
    2. Possession
  14. Inchoate Crimes
    1. Conspiracy
    2. Attempts
    3. Solicitation
  15. Defenses
    1. Self Defense
    2. Entrapment
    3. Alibi
    4. Insanity
    5. Duress

Primary Faculty
Bowlin, Samantha
Secondary Faculty

Associate Dean
Lopez, Michael
Mirijanian, Narine

Primary Syllabus - Macomb Community College, 14500 E 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088

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