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College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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DRCG 1160 - Civil & Survey Computer Graphics

Credit Hours: 3.00

Prerequisites: None

(formerly SURV 2220)

This course introduces the student to the basic principles of civil and survey computer graphics. Maps, types of surveys, techniques, contours, descriptions, subdivisions, profiles, highway layout, and earthwork will be discussed, drawn, and reproduced. Using field or supplied data, the student will use the latest computer software to generate the appropriate drawings. 

Billable Contact Hours: 6

When Offered: Winter semester only

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Outcome 1: Upon completion of this course, students will identify the terminology used in civil and surveying computer graphics. 


  1. Describe different maps.
  2. Define specific map symbols.
  3. Identify legal descriptions.
  4. Understand office standards.

Outcome 2: Upon completion of this course, students will perform various tasks in civil and surveying computer graphics. 


  1. Identify civil and surveying mapping terms.
  2. Identify symbols legal requirement.
  3. Identify specialized drafting standards used in the industry.
  4. Create symbols, blocks, legends and notes for insertion in a drawing.
  5. Import field data.
  6. Export data.
  7. Create from points.
  8. Create drawings from files.
  9. Create sketches form recorded deeds.
  10. Identify control points.
  11. Add dimensions to drawings.
  12. Add scales to drawings.

Outcome 3: Upon completion of this course, students will perform importing and exporting of different file types.


  1. Understand PDF files.
  2. Understand ZIP files.
  3. Understand DWG files.
  4. Understand ASCII files.
  5. Understand TEXT files.
  6. Manage files.
  7. Exchange files.

• Communication: The graduate can communicate effectively for the intended purpose and audience.
• Critical Thinking: The graduate can make informed decisions after analyzing information or evidence related to the issue.
• Global Literacy: The graduate can analyze human behavior or experiences through cultural, social, political, or economic perspectives.
• Information Literacy: The graduate can responsibly use information gathered from a variety of formats in order to complete a task.
• Quantitative Reasoning: The graduate can apply quantitative methods or evidence to solve problems or make judgments.
• Scientific Literacy: The graduate can produce or interpret scientific information presented in a variety of formats.

CDO marked YES apply to this course:
Communication: YES
Critical Thinking: YES
Information Literacy: YES
Quantitative Reasoning: YES
  1. Discuss and demonstrate computer configuration.
    1. Drawing size
    2. Scale
    3. Text Style
    4. Dimension style
    5. Layers
    6. Title block and Borderlines
    7. File maintenance
  2. Discuss and practice the creation of blocks and symbols
    1. Mapping symbols
    2. Bar scale
    3. Legends
    4. Notes
    5. Certifications
    6. Descriptions
  3. Discuss and demonstrate production of different drawings
    1. Property line surveys
    2. Subdivision Surveys
    3. Topographic Maps
    4. Special Maps
    5. Architectural/Engineering
  4. Discuss and use documents used for civil and survey drafting
  5. Discuss and demonstrate the importing and exporting of data and points
  6. Discuss information on utilities, zoning, flood plains, setbacks, easements, and rights of way.
  7. Discuss and demonstrate the plotting of drawings.
    1. Paper space layouts
    2. Model space
  8. Discuss and demonstrate the modifying of drawings
    1. Precision of line work
    2. Automatic labeling
    3. Using nodes
    4. Elevation package
    5. Contour package
  9. Discuss and use different file formats
    1. ASCII
    2. Text
    3. ZIP
    4. Dwg
    5. PDF

Primary Faculty
Grant, Janice
Secondary Faculty

Associate Dean
Jewett, Mark
Hutchison, Donald

Official Course Syllabus - Macomb Community College, 14500 E 12 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48088

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