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College Catalog 2017-2018 
College Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Information

This section has descriptions of courses offered for credit at Macomb Community College. Courses are listed alphabetically by course name. The course name consists of a course subject (ACCT) and course number (2270) and title (Managerial Accounting). The numbering system will be helpful to you in planning your schedule and in completing registration forms. The number of credit hours for each course is indicated immediately after the course title.

Directed Study courses are not listed by subject in the following pages because the course description is the same for all subjects:

►[SUBJECT‑290#] ‑ DIRECTED STUDY ‑ (1‑4 credit hrs) Prerequisite: Approval of directed study agreement. Under the direction of an appropriate faculty member, students may pursue studies related to their academic interests on an independent basis. This course may be selected more than once (4 credit hours maximum) with the written consent of the associate dean (1‑4 contact hrs).

Glossary (terms used in this section and their definitions)

Credit hours or semester hours are the official number of semester hours of credit given for the course.

CONTACT HOURS unless stated otherwise, are the number of hours the class meets per week for 16 weeks

(FORMERLY….) statements appear in parentheses at the beginning of many course descriptions to indicate that the current course is equivalent to an older course. Students will not receive credit for both courses, i.e., taking the current courses is repeating the former course.

PREREQUISITE is a course that prepares students with mandatory entry‑level skills to facilitate a student successfully meeting the learning outcomes for a specific course. The student must successfully complete the prerequisite course before registering for the course that has the prerequisite course. In cases where prior training or education is documented, specific requisites may be waived.

COREQUISITE is a course which must be taken at the same time as another specific course or courses.

RECOMMENDED COREQUISITE is a course that the department suggests be taken at the same time as another specific course or courses.

Courses may be offered at any location unless otherwise indicated.